Yellow Jacket 37887
Yellow Jacket 37887
Yellow Jacket 37887

Yellow Jacket 37887

SAE J2788 and J2788H Compliant Series

Now with full color graphic display, advanced user interface and onboard diagnostics, automatic scale calibration, remote troubleshooting and vacuum hold.

The RMS 37887 is designed with a unique flush feature and is OEM approved for use with high voltage compressor A/C systems (for Hybrid Vehicles).

Specs and Features:

  • Approved to SAE J2788 with hybrid addendum
  • Allows simple and quick clearing of the service hoses to minimize PAG oil contamination
  • Reduces oil contamination well below the allowable amount
  • Eliminates the need to worry about cross contamination of oil
  • Fully automatic -50 lb. storage tank
  • Lifetime technical support
  • Also available with integrated printer and identifier (37888)